Medical Transcription Services – timely, accurate, confidential, and cost effective

Success Factor’s versatile transcription solution is well suited for hospitals, clinics, physician’s practices, and other health-related organizations. With extensive hours of coverage combined with the professional skilled staff, Success Factor understands the need for consistent delivery of high quality time-sensitive reports.

Unlike other transcription services, Success Factor assigns each of your physicians a “personal” transcriptionist. Success Factor’s system automatically routes dictation files to the assigned transcriptionist for completion with the assurance that your records will be accurate, prepared in a timely manner, and done with great care at our state-of-the-art Medical Transcription Production Facility.

Our current, Internet based technology, as well as continuous MT training allows for accuracy and better quality control in reporting. We are committed to take full advantage of the technological advances, and we also recognize and support our medical language specialists as the backbone of these medical information services.

Specialized areas include, but are not limited to:

•  Alcohol & Addiction Treatment
•  Allergy & Clinical Immunology
•  Cardiology
•  Dermatology
•  Endocrinology
•  Family Practice
•  Gastrointestinal
•  General Practice
•  Gynecology
•  Hematology
•  Immunology
•  Infectious Disease
•  Internal Medicine
•  Nephrology
•  Neurology
•  Obstetrics
•  Oncology
•  Ophthalmology
•  Orthopedics
•  Otolaryngology
•  Pain Management
•  Pathology
•  Pediatrics
•  Physical and Occupational Therapy
•  Pulmonary
•  Psychiatry
•  Radiology
•  Rehabilitation
•  Rheumatology
•  Sports Medicine
•  Surgery
•  Urology

Our transcriptionists are fully trained and qualified in transcribing multi-specialty reports and different types of documents as follows:

Types of medical reports include, but are not limited to:

•  Consultation
•  Discharge Summary
•  Echocardiogram
•  EEG
•  History& Physical
•  Holter
•  Hysterosalpingogram
•  Progress Notes
•  Referral Letters
•  Operative Report
•  SOAP Note
•  Treadmill
•  Ultrasound
•  X-ray Report

Success Factor provides reliable and superior medical transcription services with the following distinct advantages:

•  Adherence to HIPAA guidelines
•  Accuracy rate of 98.5+%
•  Highly qualified management team
•  Quality control ensured by double check
•  Prompt guaranteed turnaround of 16 to 24 hours
•  Competitive rates
•  Experienced staff
•  Data Security
•  Customer service support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
•  Experienced management in medical transcription business
•  Template formatting
•  Up-to-date software, tools, and reference materials.

We support the following digital audio dictation file formats:

•  Olympus –DS-2 and other (*.dss) – preferred dictation file format
•  Microsoft Wave (*.wav)
•  MPEG Layer III (*.mp3)
•  Real Audio (*.ra)
•  DSP Group TrueSpeech (*.wav)

All of the medical transcription services are built on exceptional customer support and dedication to quality transcription. Our commitment to long-term customer relationship means that you always receive easy, efficient, cost effective, transcription services from dedicated and caring people.

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